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Walking Sleep originally formed in 2007 under the name The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra. The six-piece band came together as the natural extension of lead singer Hunter Curra’s exploratory songwriting, in which he combined male and female vocal harmonies, classic rhythms, and curiously dark lyrics. Drawing influence across genres and decades, their songs include echoes of the melancholy psychedelic pop of The Zombies, the uptempo stomp of classic Motown, and the moody melodicism of Fleetwood Mac, but placed in a modern context, akin to bands like Belle & Sebastian and The Shins.

In 2008, the band released its debut EP, Escapements, and continued to develop its live performances in front of increasingly larger crowds. The following year, Sara Radle (former vocalist of The Rentals) joined the band to complement Hunter’s singing and further highlight the enchanting harmonies that define the sound of Walking Sleep.


released May 25, 2010

Vocals: Hunter Curra, Sara Radle Guitar: Adam Schary Bass: Aaron Lariviere Keboards: Ethan Walter Drums: Daniel Goldblatt



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Walking Sleep Los Angeles

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Track Name: The Cause
There's just no doubt about it, yet all the facts remain so clouded. There was a great disaster. We don't remember anything after.

Well the rough details of our account provide no help to figure out the cause.

We count the passing minute like it's a privilege just to be in it. The hands on the clock telling lies. We've lost our friends and lovers. It makes it hard to meet any others. They come to our dreams in the night. They've come to get answers despite all the..

Sharper points of our account that only seem to raise more doubt the cause.

Well the nightmares for an empty page has proved to be a fair exchange..
Track Name: In a Dream
I heard you calling me in a dream with your hands around my neck. You were asking me to speak while stifling my break.

You were calling me all along, the words hung on my ears. Skipping stones into a pond I've remembered all these years.

In a dream one night you were choking me and now I can't wake up I want to know where that came from. You were calling me by name and asking me to speak. Now I want to know how come.

I heard you calling me in a dream. I woke up in a cold sweat. I don't know what it means, I just know I can't forget.
Track Name: Final Chapter
Let's write the final chapter, let's pull this house together now. Let's take the coldest moments, and watch them pull apart our house. Let's write the final chapter..

Let's write the end of fiction, and let's forget our christian names. Say our goodbyes forever, and use our books to feed the flames.

Let's build this house together, let's write the final chapter.
Track Name: As a Volunteer
Since Jim went away, she'd never speak again. And with nothing left to say, cut the tongue out of her mouth. With no attempt to save her body she thought of him and the lights grew dim in the hall.

Jim returned in the fall. With a brand new start and a change of heart when we told him all that was left in the hall. He didn't want her to die, he'd really gone and messed things up this time.

When nothing eased the pain on the coldest days of winter. The fog that lined the bay seemed to follow him around. He couldn't help but feel so sorry to be without. He'd cry out loud in the pouring rain.

In the days before he could never have been sure that the hardest nights lay in store. As a volunteer he will relive all those fears. As a volunteer.

What we left in the hall was an empty shell and and something in us kind of died as well. I guess there's not much left to tell. Life's a curse all along when you never know what's good until it's gone.
Track Name: Let It Go On
When the river runs red and the skies are falling. When the shadows on the road speak a tone of warning. When the bread's all gone and the well was drawn to it's last degree. The hills are tight and you can barely see what's coming in between.

When the mud makes the road it's silent partner. Wipe the cold from your eyes say it's not much farther. The jigsaw patterns of the switchbacks blur in the rain. And you wonder whether you conscience got in the way.

Now a thousand miles alone, down an endless road. Towards and end you've always known. And you never said goodbye, never even tried. Was it all a part of your design?

Will the love that you left be of constant memory. Will the course that you run bear no reentry. Will your thoughts and desires ever fill you with grief. Will your sleep in the night never grant you relief.

Let it go on.
Track Name: Arso
Arso, did we lose you so blindly in Modesto? Did you fulfill your plans to go solo? Well if you aren't really dead then call me. But if you are really dead we're sorry. And if you aren't really dead then send a note we'll find our way out of the storm.

Arso, were you drinking that 3 dollar bourbon? Did you take to the streets like an urchin? Now it seems that you're a missing person. Yeah it seems that you've crawled behind curtains, but I'd lie if I said we've been searching hard. We'll find our way out of the storm.

Here's your suitcase and all of your clothes, we'll have to burn all of those. Here's your guitar, and your book of notes. What made you go on your own?

We know that we're on such a perilous circuit, and we all question whether it's worth it. Well if you aren't really dead then call me. But if you are really dead we're sorry. And if you aren't really dead then send a note we'll find our way out of the storm.
Track Name: Don't Be Fooled
We don't have to be honest we could say we're fine but there's no use lying. Don't be fooled while the rain is drying if we stay there'll be more just like it.

We don't have to keep running we could stay inside but there's no use hiding. Don't be fooled while the sun is shining. Don't pretend we can learn to fight it.
Track Name: What We Forgot
How many times are we gonna slip the night and try and run away form this? How many friends are we gonna lose until there's nothing left to save from this? I'm thinking about how we never got to choose. I'm thinking about what we forgot. 'Cus all we ever do is run this out. Yeah all we ever do is run. And if it starts coming back this time we'll be all right we'll make it one more night.

When did it get so hard to sleep? We're waiting for the axe to drop. When was the point where we decided to stay when our time was up? I'm thinking about how we'll never know the truth. I'm thinking about what we forgot. 'Cus all we ever do is run this out. Yeah all we ever do is run. And if it starts coming back this time we'll be all right we'll run for one more night.
Track Name: Shake the Cold
Fly by night. The page turns as we take our leave. We feel close, but never enough to shake this cold.

We hold together tight, as though we mean each other well. With no end in sight, we stand to lose all of the love we had. That's the way we want it.

Keep the lanterns high.. without an excuse to stay alive we feel close but never enough to make it home.
Track Name: Standing In the Threat
There's an even split on our doubt since we've been standing in the threat of it all. We try so hard but still we just can't help but be thinking of a beautiful fall. We try but it's so hard to recall while standing in the threat of it all.

Don't let the past remind you of some better time. You know we've got to let it die slow.

If we don't understand how we got here we'll be stranded in the threat of it all. Look ahead it's hard to believe we'll make our way across the desolate sprawl. Still digging for that hope after all. While standing in the threat of it all.

Autumn will cycle round again. The shades begin to fade and change. With or without us that you know. Let it die slow let it go.